Holy Thursday Guide: With Jesus in the Upper Room

Download the Adoration guide for Holy Thursday here.

Published by Sr. Kathryn J Hermes, FSP

The image that has drawn me in my ministry is Touching the Sunrise. I believe each person, no matter where they are and what they have lived, is a temple of the Trinity and can, indeed, taste the presence of God within. You can find resources for healing and prayer and follow me at touchingthesunrise.com.

3 thoughts on “Holy Thursday Guide: With Jesus in the Upper Room

  1. Reblogged this on Reborn Into Beauty and commented:
    I had the privilege of meeting many of the Sisters of The Daughters of St. Paul last summer, and they are some beautiful amazing women! Please go check out this wonderful guide for adoration!


  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful Adoration with Jesus on Holy Thursday! You are fantastic to think of us all and I am praying for you. We enjoyed your concert last year at Christ Cathedral. God Bless You!


  3. Sister-thank you for the Adoration video-it’s a keeper for me. Also thank you for your e-mails, I enjoy them. God Bless you & all the Sisters of Dt. Paul.Have aBlessed & Happy Easter. Christ rises!


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