Mary, Woman and Spouse of the Spirit

On these days leading up to Pentecost and the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, we want to draw close to Mary our Mother, and the Spouse of the Spirit. Sr Laura Brown, fsp will guide us during this time of prayer, helping us to reflect upon the action of the Spirit in Mary’s life. We ask Mary to obtain for us hearts that are open and receptive to the Spirit’s lead. 

Emmaus and the Hunger for the Eucharist

During these past weeks we have not been able to receive Jesus sacramentally in the Eucharist. Have we taken this for granted? Have we allowed this great privilege to become just something that Catholics do? After a short period of silent reflection, Sr Laura Brown, fsp guides us through the story of the disciples on the Road to Emmaus as a paradigm for our own journey. And during this journey Jesus walks beside us, listening to our questions and concerns and then reveals Himself in the Eucharistic Bread.

The Women of Easter: Eucharistic Adoration for Women Struggling in the Pandemic

In the beautiful season of the Church’s year we find ourselves in Easter. A time when we experience new life, and how we much we need new life in these days when we are experiencing sickness and death, change and uncertainty, all caused by the coronavirus. We want life not death, hope not fear, light not darkness. In this time of Eucharistic Adoration, Sr Laura Brown, FSP leads us in prayer, meditating on two Gospels in which is recounted Jesus’ appearance to women on the morning of the resurrection.

Contemplating the Way of the Cross

Pray the Stations of the Cross by using the time-tested method of imaginative prayer with Sr. Mary Leonora as a guide, the reader will encounter the Lord during the intense moments of his passion and death. Through vivid imagery, beautiful artwork, and moving reflections, contemplate the personal love of Christ manifested at each moment along the Way of the Cross.

Sr. Mary Leonora is the author of Contemplating the Way of the Cross: Personal Encounter with Our Crucified Lord

Jesus Calms the Sea: Eucharistic Meditation for Peace During the Pandemic

After a few moments of settling down and quieting your heart, Sr Laura will lead you in a time of adoration and prayer. Together we will silently place ourselves in the presence of Jesus and adore Him. She will read two selections from the Gospels of St Matthew and Mark which retell the story of Jesus calming the storm at sea. There will be periods of silence and reflection in between. She will then read several selections from Gabriella Bossis’ devotional “Jesus Speaking” followed by a time for examen, a prayer asking for mercy and concluding with a rosary recited by the sisters…

Be at peace, My love is faithful

After a few moments of silent rest as we begin to pray, Sr Kathryn leads you through unburdening your heart on the Heart of Jesus, telling him everything. We reflect on God’s powerful and faithful love at the Exodus and in the Garden of Gethsemane, both places in which people experienced both fear and the intervention of God’s care for them.

Coronavirus Pandemic: Hour of Eucharistic Adoration

Welcome to this Hour of Adoration led by Sr Anne Flanagan, FSP. The first two minutes of this hour are a space for entering into prayer. She guides you through prayer on the Gospel passage of the raising of Lazarus, and at the end of the Hour of Adoration we recite the glorious mysteries of the Rosary.

However long it takes, this epidemic will run its course. Humanity will come forth, still bound in the winding cloths of the tomb, reminders of death. Jesus will tell his disciples, all those who listen to him, to help the survivors out of a mindset dominated by fear: “Unbind them and set them free.”

To do that we must be like Martha, confident in approaching Jesus through prayer, but with sleeves rolled up for service.

To be the Marthas and Marys and Lazaruses of the post-epidemic world, we need to be the ones who hear the voice of the Son of God now; who set apart sacred time every day to receive the Word of God; who let the Word of God challenge us to a daily spiritual resurrection from whatever comfortable grave we may have dug for ourselves through habits of self-indulgence, sin, entitlement…the spiritual diseases are many. In every sinful act, we wind our own grave-cloths more tightly around us. But while we are in this life, we can still “hear the voice of the Son of Man and come forth” (cf Jn 5:28) to a new and risen life, the life of Jesus in us.

In this time with Jesus, let the Lord call out to you, in the depths of your heart, calling to you to “come out” from whatever it is that keeps you trapped behind the cold stone you may have propped in front of your heart. Let the voice of Jesus penetrate the darkness now, speaking to you as he spoke to Martha, “If you believe, you will see the glory of God. I am the Resurrection and the Life. Whoever believes in me, even though they die, will live…forever.”

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